The Benefits of Carpet In A New Utah Home

The Benefits of Carpet


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First off carpet is not for everyone. Some people hate the cleaning that they have to go through when it comes to carpet, some may get sick of the color that it is, and it could bring down the value of your home or make it harder to sell if you have carpet installed, well it could, this is not the case every single time. But then again carpeting does have a lot of benefits and can also be considered up there when it comes to satisfying home improvements to decorate the interior of your home.


With that being said here is a quick fact for those that are living in the United States, is that carpeting is chosen 50% of the time for a homes flooring. That is above vinyl and above tile flooring, along with the other types of flooring that are out there. Now let me get into some of the advantages of having carpet in your home.


Carpet Is Insulated

First off carpet and padding can be considered a great insulator. That means that when you are heating or cooling your home, you will be able to do it more efficiently if you have padded carpet installed in that room, or better yet through out the entire home.


Carpet is Safer Than Tile

This is where the slip and falls will not happen is when you are on carpet, well the falls might but not so much the slipping. Tile can be dangerous when it comes to this, especially if you have a spill and you are walking around on some non slid resistant shoes, you are just asking for an accident, it is definitely better for toddlers too in my opinion as I have one of my own and she is always falling down hurting herself, thank god it is on the carpet though.


As stated above carpet makes for great insulation, this is good for trapping sound. If you notice when you are in a tiled home there will be a lot of echo when you are watching television or playing a movie on the big screen, this can be a problem for those that stay in apartments as you will more than likely always have neighbors. Carpeting is one way that you can help keep the sound trapped in your place and your place only.


The Disadvantages of Having Carpet in Your Home

It can be a pain in the butt to clean if you do not have a carpet steamer, or cannot afford to call out the carpet cleaners every couple of months. It is not really necessary to clean carpet that often though if proper care is taken, such as not letting anyone where there shoes inside of the home on the carpet. Shoes tend to cause wear and tear on a carpet really fast, unless you get a stronger type carpet like Bourber.


Also I have seen it happen many times, and pets such as dogs and cats can tear certain types of carpets to shreds with their claws. Although carpet is really not that difficult to patch if you have some carpet patching tape, it is still hard to do and not look like a patch.


All in all I favor carpet over tile, and especially vinyl flooring just about any day of the week for those reasons above. It’s mainly the pet thing that gets me about carpet though, if you have any advantages or disadvantages that you do or don’t like about carpet than please feel free to share them here.[1]


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