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Wood Framing Utah

Wood Framing Utah

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Wood Framing Utah

Wood Frame Layout For Multi-Wall Polycarbonate: Prepare a drawing of the greenhouse you are planning. Framing of the longer walls of a greenhouse (called sidewalls on freestanding and front walls on attached greenhouses) are typically set with an on-center measurement of 24 1/8″, for intermediate studs and rafters. The first and last framing member measurement should be 23 1/4″ on-center. This will align the outside edges of the first and last sheets with the outside edges of the first and last rafters (See drawings below and details on next few pages). If these measurements are used, framing will easily accommodate standard size polycarbonate sheets, without cutting sheets to width. Always plan for 1/2″-1″ of sheet edge bearing on framing.

The shorter walls of a greenhouse are typically the end walls. Custom cutting is required for roof slope, doors, windows and ventilation equipment. Adhering to frame on center measurements, as described above, may eliminate cutting of sheet width. When laying out end wall framing, try to get the most you can out of a sheet. Cut offs can be used to go over doors or utilized on other projects such as cold frames.

At ends of roof and wall, you may want to double up the framing. This provides extra wall corner strength and double rafters act as top plates for end wall framing. Framing around a door or window can also be double. Follow standard framing techniques for the best results.

Wood Framing Utah

Highly recommended: Seal high moisture areas of frame with satin or flat marine grade spar or exterior varnish. Finish protects moisture prone areas (top & bottom plate and where poly carb. in contact with wood). This decreases likelihood of wood rot and eliminates wood discoloration. Expanding & contracting poly carb. moves on surface. After fully dry gently sand surface facing poly carb., decreasing movement noise. Semi & gloss paint are high friction finishes, noise may result. If painting frame use flat paint on surfaces facing polycarbonate. Stains may react with poly carb. If staining frame use spar or exterior varnish is final finish layer. Let dry & gently sand surface facing poly. Visit the Woodworking Plans Website pages for more woodworking articles.

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