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Benefits Of Tile In A Utah New Home

Benefits of Tile


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Tile is defined as a thin, flat, or convex slab of hard material that is used to cover walls, floors, and roofs. They have been developed over many centuries as products of earthenware pottery.


The earliest tiles were produced in the middle east some 7,000-8,000 years ago. During those times, only the wealthy could afford to have their homes tiled. It wasn’t until the invention of handier materials in creating and shaping tile that it became affordable even for the not so wealthy family.


The Romans were the ones who really popularized the use of tile, even obsessing in it by using them all over their houses, temples, and other buildings and creating with it beautiful mosaics and patterns.


Styles of Tile Flooring

There is a wide array of choices available for you if you choose to install tile flooring in your house. Ceramics, granite, flagstone, slate, laminate, vinyl, marble, wood, sandstone, and cork are some of the materials that can constitute your tile flooring. Ceramic tile flooring is the most popular choice to install in the house. Because of the many options available, you could even use different tile materials for use in your home if you so desire. The hardness of tile is determined through an MOH (measure of hardness) scale which indicates the surface hardness of tiles. Tile ratings range from 0-5, with zero indicating that the tile is ‘soft’ and can only be used for decorative purposes only. A grade of 5 on the MOH scale means that the tile is suitable for high traffic areas and industrial use.


Some manufacturers already put adhesives at the back of each tile so installing is easy while some tiles require that you be the one to place the adhesives and grout before you attach them to the floor. Overall, installing tile flooring is still rather easy and with it, you can also make as many patterns as you like: brick stone, herringbone, basket weave, cobblestone, corridor style, etc; your imagination is the only limit. If in the future you will need to remove your tile flooring, there is also no cause to worry as removing it is a breeze with the use of a heat gun or stripper.


Caring and Cleaning Tile Flooring

It doesn’t mean that since tile flooring is strong and durable, you can just do anything you like with it. Tile flooring still has its own do’s and don’ts that you should remember in order to preserve its beauty:


  • Use cloths and mops to clean your tile flooring. Never use abrasive chemicals, steel wool, or other scrubbing material on your tile flooring as it can damage the finish.
  • Wipe out stains as soon as possible. Don’t let them stay on your tile for too long as stains can discolor your tiles.
  • Tile flooring can still chip and crack even if it has a high MOH rating if too much force is exerted on it. Put furniture protectors on your furniture and be careful when moving your furniture.
  • Turn off the vacuum beater bar when vacuuming. Vacuum beater bars can dull and scratch your finish.
  • Regularly sweep and dust your tile flooring. Not doing so may damage your grout and finish. A quick daily sweep and weekly mopping should do.
  • Place door mats on selected surfaces of your house. This way, you reduce the amount of dirt that gets transferred by your feet.
  • When cleaning or drying up spills, make sure that you use a damp mop and not a wet one. Wetness can invite mildew formation and ugly grout lines. In addition, some minerals in tap water can cause discoloration of your tiles.[1]


Priority Homes offers a variety of tile options. Please call 435-623-2382 for more information.

[1] http://www.contempofloorcoverings.com/blog/tile-flooring.html

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Affordable New Homes In Nephi

New Homes In Nephi

New Homes In Nephi

Buy a new 1200 sq ft home in Nephi for under 160k.  All of our homes feature 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and are located in beautiful Nephi.  Nephi is located just 30 minutes from Provo along Interstate 15.  Priority Homes offers new homes in Nephi for a great affordable price.  See the inclusions below.

Why Buy New Homes In Nephi, See Our Inclusions below.

Priority Homes Inclusions and Standard Practices

 Exterior Veneer

  • Front Elevation (Brick/Stone and Stucco)
  • Sides and Rear – Stucco
  • Full House Brick Upgrade – Price depending Upon size of home

 Floor Furnishings

  • $23.00 Mid-grade carpet with 5/8” pad (Client may pick out color)
  • Kitchen – Tile – $3.00 per Tile Budget
  • Bathrooms – Lin. Finishing
  • Entry Way – Tile – $3.00 per Tile Budget
  • Upgrades – Tile Choice and  or Tile throughout home

Shingle Details

  • 30 Year Shingle – Architectural Shingle


  • Exterior Walls insulated with – R-13
  • Roof Insulation – R-38
  • Basement Insulation – draped onto the walls just below frost line (R-19)
  • Upgrades – Interior Walls around Bathrooms (Change Order will be required and price determined at said time.)  Extra – $300.00

Appliances – $1800.00 budget – Black or White in Color  / Upgrades (Stainless Steel)

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Dish Washer

Finish Work

  • All Paint grade material
  • All Shelving – Paint grade material (Particle Board)
  • Master Closet – Standard Closet organizer.  Bunk of shelves in the center

Cabinets and Countertops

  • Laminate Countertops throughout the home
  • Cabinets Knotty Alder  (Cabinets can be upgraded to 2 different colors to the Knotty Alder Cabinet
  • Upgrades countertops to Solid surface – (Change Order will be required and price determined at said time.)  Extra – $1500.00
  • Client may choose colors

Back Patio

  • 10′ x 12 Concrete Patio

Finish Hardware

  • All hardware on doors, such as: handles, hinges are antique nickel or equiv.


  • Front Door depending upon design will be metal or fiberglass.  Sidelights may be part of the home design if room allows.
  • All side and garage entry doors are Metal, painted to color of metal trim or black
  • Inside doors are 4 or 2 panel doors; hollow doors.

Bathroom Details 

  • Master Bath
    • White Porcelain sink with chrome fixtures
    • Tub / Shower – Porcelain with Cultured Marble surround.
    • Cabinets  – Knotty Alder (Natural Color)
    • Countertops – Laminate
    • Floors – Lin. Or equiv.
  • Main Bath
    • Tub / Shower  – Vinyl Insert
    • Chrome Fixtures
    • Cabinets – Knotty Alder (Natural Color)
    • Countertops – Laminate
    • Floors – Lin. Or equiv.

  Kitchen Details 

  • Knotty Alder Cabinets (Natural Color)
  • Countertops – Laminate
  • Appliances – See Budget Black or white Appliances
  • Floors – Tile (See Tile information.)
  • Sinks – Stainless Steel with Chrome Fixtures
    • All sinks have sprayer included

  Electrical Fixtures

  • All Fixtures are Antique Nickel or equiv.
  • Outlet Plugs – Place per code every 10 feet

Outside Concrete

  • Driveway included as per city code and garage width
  • Sidewalks
    • Sidewalk from Driveway to front door included
    • All exterior doors that are designed will have a concrete entry way ( 2 ft x 2 ft) before entering the home


  • All grading will be completed as per code.  Code states all grading is a negative grade from the home on a 2% slope.
  • Does not include top soil finish
  • Does not include Landscaping components, e.g. Sprinklers, top soil, sod, etc.

For more information about new homes in Nephi call Travis today at 435-623-2382.

Call Now For New Homes In Nephi – at 435.623.2382 for More Information.  

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Receive Federal Money and Equity of 20k When You Buy a New Home


With the federal government granting an extension of the housing grants, you can now take advantage of a $6500 tax credit as well as move into a brand new home and earn instant equity of about 20k.  Our homes are located ion Nephi and are appraising for 20-25k more than our buyers are paying.  Why?  Why do we leave so much on the table?  We are interested in providing quality homes for a fair price.  Yes, we make a little too, but we keep busy and busy we want to keep. Buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on a .20 acre piece of ground for only 157k.  These homes are being built on contract.  Move into your dream home in just 90 days after to sign a contract. Call now – 435.623.2381 for more information.