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New Windsor Home Completed – Nephi

New Windsor Home Completed – Nephi

We have just completed a new Windsor home in the Nephi, Utah area.  This home is our Windsor home, 1380 sq ft on the main on a complete finished basement.

Front Elevations for the Windsor Model

Kitchen Image

Eating Nook in the Windsor Home


Front Bedroom for the Windsor Home


Main Bathroom Image


Master Bedroom – Windsor Home


Master Bath – Mirror and Vanity


Windsor Downstairs Family Room


Downstairs  – Fun Windows placed for kid play


Stairs to the Upstairs


Building a Home vs. Renting In Utah

Rented house

Rented house (Photo credit: lyman erskine)

Building a Home vs. Renting In Utah


A home is one of the most expensive purchases most of us will ever make during our lifetime. Whether you decide to rent or buy, either choice comes with its own rewards and risks. Homeownership offers many advantages over renting including:

Advantages of Buying versus Renting

Buying Renting

Tax write-off

No tax write-off

You can upgrade your home as you see fit

Need permission to make any changes

Build equity in your home as value appreciates

Your money goes toward the landlords equity

Control of loan payment options

Rent can increase periodically

Pride of homeownership

You have no ownership

While owning your own home has many benefits, there are still risks to consider:

Disadvantages of Buying versus Renting

Buying Renting

You’re responsible for property maintenance

Your landlord or manager handles general repairs

Need to sell, rent or lease property in order to re-locate. May have to wait until market conditions are right

Freedom to move once your lease expires

You pay for all your own utilities, property taxes and insurance

May include utilities, property taxes, and property insurance

Home improvement upgrades can run into thousands of dollars

You’re not financially responsible for improvements


When does it make sense to buy?

People, who have generally rented their whole lives, purchase a home for various reasons. Owning something of value with a chance of watching their investment appreciate is one reason. Purchasing a home to save money over the long-term is another.


However, all things considered, homeownership is by far one of the best single investments you can make given the potential long-term benefits.[1]


Priority Homes has been in the building business for over 10 years.  We specialize in residential and commercial projects.  Priority Homes is known for quality housing at a competitive price and always customizes to meet the clients needs.  Call Today at (435) 623-2382.


[1] http://realestate.yahoo.com/info/guides/buying-vs-renting


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Benefits Of A New Home In Utah

Benefits of a New Home

A common misconception among homebuyers is the idea that the best home values in today’s market are foreclosures. While there are some good deals on homes in foreclosure, for most buyers, buying a new home is actually the better value.

Robert Burton, vice president of sales and marketing at The Hofmann Company, a renowned homebuilder that has built over 30,000 homes throughout northern California since 1959, shared his insights on the market and explained the advantages of buying a new home over a property in foreclosure.

What makes buying a new home a better value?

For starters, when you purchase a new home you are protected by a warranty. As Burton points out, “If anything goes wrong, the home is covered by the builder’s one-year limited warranty on workmanship and materials, as well as a ten-year structural warranty.” You have peace of mind knowing there won’t be any unanticipated out-of-pocket repair costs to absorb.

Another benefit of buying a new home is the special incentive programs many builders currently offer to assist buyers. Some of these incentives, such as below market financing or help with closing costs, can save you thousands of dollars and make it easier for you to qualify for your home purchase.

If you’re after a quick response to your offer, a new home is a smart way to go. In most cases, you’re dealing directly with the builder, which ensures a prompt reply. “As long as the home is ready for occupancy, you can also count on closing escrow in a timely manner,” Burton notes.

Of course, the ultimate benefit of buying new is having the opportunity to purchase your dream home. You are the first owner and everything is pristine, sparkling, and brand new. In many cases you’ll be able to customize the home, selecting items like cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. Rather than making due with someone else’s choices, you have the advantage of living in a home and a neighborhood that truly reflects your taste, lifestyle and personality.[1]


Priority Homes can meet your unique needs at fair and honest prices.

[1] http://www.newhomesmag.com/news/buying_new_versus_foreclosure.php

Buy New home In Utah

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Custom Homes In Utah

WESTPORT, CT - DECEMBER 27:  A newly construct...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Custom Homes In Utah

Priority Homes is a family owned company that has been building beautiful and affordable homes in Juab and Utah County for over 10 years, with over 25 of experience in crafting premier home construction.

 Priority Homes offers a variety of different house plans customizable to your individual needs. With prices starting in the low $150’s, Priority Homes offers individuals a quality, unique home at prices that are affordable in today’s economy.


The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to act on your plans to find or build a new home for you and your family. Here are three reasons to consider a new house this year.


Efficiency: New homes are more energy efficient than older ones. In recent years, building codes have been altered to mandate things like higher efficiency insulation, doors, and windows that help keep cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter months. Updated appliances, from washing machines that use less water to tankless hot water heaters, save homeowners a significant amount of money on utility bills over time.


Economical: It’s a great time to buy a home, or buy land and begin custom building a home. In addition to saving on monthly utility bills by living in a newer, more energy efficient home, mortgage rates are low and it’s a good time to finance a home. An additional financial benefit is that the interest on a mortgage is tax deductible. When you own a home, you continually build equity, as opposed to throwing money away on rent.


Customization: When you own your home, you can personalize it—especially if you build. If you’ve grown frustrated touring existing homes for sale, consider buying land and building. You can specify every last detail.[1]


Priority Homes offers efficiency, economy, and customization all in one stop. Call or come by to see all that is offered.

[1] http://www.texashomesites.com/start-the-new-year-right-with-a-new-house/

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Why Buy A New Home – Rather Than A Used One? Utah Homebuilders

Location map of Utah, USA

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Why Buy A New Home – Rather Than A Used One? Utah Home builders

This question is often asked of us.  Our answer is very simple.  The cost structure of a new home is now very similar to a used one.  You can purchase a new home, never been lived in, for a very close price cost as a used one.

With this being said, a used home does not come with a 1 year warranty, unless you buy one.  All of the appliances, mechanical and electrical are used.  After about 7 years homes begin require more maintenance; e.g. new water heaters, furnace parts and such.   When you buy a new home, there are no such worries, all of the items are new and good to go.

Another plus in buying a new home is you have choice.  You can choose the color of paint, or the choice of carpet.  You may even be able to choose the exterior colors if you get involved sooner in the process.

Priority Homes gives you new, choice and a great price.  Call today to meet with us and review our locations and houseplans.  You will be glad you did.

Call (435) 623-2382.

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Build A Home in Santaquin

Build A Home in Santaquin

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Build A Home in Santaquin

We can help.. Finding a lot and a house plan can be rather complicated, but it does not have to be.  Let our professionals guide you through the process of building a new home in the community of Santaquin Utah.

We have lots available in the Stone Ridge Area of Summit Ridge for a tremendous good price.  In fact you can get into a 1100 sq ft home with un-finished basement in Santaquin for under $175,000.00.

Call (435) 623-2382 for more information regarding our services today.

Utah was the sixth fastest growing state in the United States in 2006; in 2007, the state had a population of over 2,640,000. The capital, largest city and largest metropolitan area in the state is Salt Lake City. The median household income in Utah is $50,614 and the median cost of a single-family home in Utah is around $340,000 (August 2008). Below is information about new homes for sale in Utah offered by local and national builders.

Fox Run, a Liberty Homes community located in East Lehi, offers a single-story Brittany floor plan with a basement. The Brittany is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house offering 4,019 total square feet – 2,015 finished square feet and 2,004 unfinished square feet. The Brittany floor plan offers an open great room, a large master suite with a walk-in closet and a basement with as many as 3 future bedrooms. Homes in Fox Run start from the $360s. For more information about The Brittany in Fox Run, visit Liberty online.

Ivory Homes offers the Alpine European two-story floor plan in communities throughout Utah including Lehi, Syracuse, Farmington, Santaquin, South Odgen, West Valley City and Roy. The Alpine European floor plan can be purchased with our without a basement. The basement floor plan offers 3,400 total square feet; 2,049 of those square feet are finished. The Alpine European plan without a basement offers home buyers 1,992 total finished square feet. Both plans offer home buyers 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with 2-car garages. For more information about this Utah home for sale, visit Ivory Homes online.

Foxboro Exeter South in North Salt Lake is a new community offered by Woodside. Within the Foxboro Exeter South community, home buyers will discover the Churchill, a single-story plan with 1,780 total square feet. The Churchill has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a 2-car garage, a large open great room and a spacious kitchen. Learn more about the Churchill floor plan by visiting Woodside online.

Utah has a healthier-than-most real estate market. The state is enjoying residential growth in several areas and will continue to offer buyers a large selection of quality new homes. For more information about Utah homes for sale or builders, visit New Homes Section.

New Homes Section is a real estate portal offering home shoppers information about homes for sale in several states throughout the US. Visit New Homes Section to learn about Utah home builders and new homes in Utah.

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