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Priority Land Specializes In Manufactured Home Foundations

Priority Homes LLC – 435-660-1865 or call the Office at 435-623-2382

You simply pick out your home and let us prepare the site for you.  We prepare the following:

  • Scrub Property for Home
  • Dig Footings either for a basement or for slab location
  • Pour Footings and foundation with quality concrete.
  • We can prepare the plumbing for the site, either hooking the sewer to existing utilities or developing a septic system design for your home.
  • We run the water to your home and all other utilities that are needed.
  • We back fill the home to final grade

All of this is done with one phone call.  Let us “turn key” your site today.  Give us a call at (435) 660-1865 and we will get you a quote within 24 hours.

Have you always wanted a home, but have held off due to the cost? Many people have the same concerns. Most adults have the goal of owning their own home, but cannot find the time or the money to buy the home that fits their needs. A modular home can be your dream home, without the difficulty of constructing it yourself. A great advantage is that modular homes can be built in far less time than other homes. This article will answer some basic questions about the ever-expanding world of modular homes.

How are they constructed?

Modular homes are factory-made, not constructed on-site. After constructing each section of the home individually, it then receives a comprehensive inspection to make sure that the home is up to building codes. You can be reassured that high quality and durable materials are consistently used. Modular homes are, however, very similar to traditionally constructed homes.

About how much do they cost?

The floor plan you choose will dictate the ultimate cost of your modular home. You can choose a plan that is custom-made to fill your unique desires. Of course, the larger the home, the larger the price tag. In addition to the speed at which modular homes can be built, they are typically less expensive per square foot than homes which are built in the traditional way. A modular home can be constructed in just two months.

Does the cost of the home include the cost of the foundation?

The price of the foundations is not covered by most manufacturers of modular homes. The cost can be included in your loan or it can be paid for from your own funds. In order to reduce upfront costs, the majority of people choose to get financing for the total price. It is important to know all the details of the coverage, including what is and isn’t covered, so make sure you contact the manufacturer.

Can modular homes be built to specification and are they energy efficient?

One wonderful feature of modular homes is that they are all constructed to meet HUD guidelines. Each part of the home is inspected for quality and is required to pass the standards of building specification inspectors. Modular homes are more efficient, in many ways, than are traditional homes.

Retired contractor, Bo Von Brockdorff has assisted many couples in finding the California manufactured homes of their dreams. Bo recommends Village Concepts to anyone looking for Amador County modular home.
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Argyle House

Argyle House – 1650 Sq Ft

The Argyle House is a perfectly arranged floor plan.  In fact this floor plan is probably the most correctly arranged floor plans that we offer.  This floor plan consists of a larger mud room / laundry room and an over sized garage.

Dyreng flrplan[1] Model (1) elev copy


Argyle Floor plan Option A


Dyreng flrplan[1] Model (1) copy


Options B and C

options dyreng copy

Standard Inclusions:

Priority Homes LLC Home Inclusions


Floor Furnishings

  • Mid-grade carpet with pad (Client may pick out color)
  • Lin. Finishing in wet areas, e.g. Kitchen, baths, and Laundry (Client may pick color)
  • Possible upgrade from Lin. To Tile – (Change Order will be required and price determined at said time.)  Extra – $1800.00

Shingle Details

  • (30 Year Shingle Change Order will be required and price determined at said time.)


  • Exterior Walls insulated with – R-19
  • Roof Insulation – R-38
  • Basement Insulation – draped onto the walls just below frost line (R-19)
  • Upgrades – Interior Walls around Bathrooms (Change Order will be required and price determined at said time.)  Extra – $200.00

Appliances – $1800.00 budget

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Dish Washer

Finish Work

  • All Paint grade material
  • All Shelving – Paint grade material (Particle Board)

Cabinets and Countertops

  • Laminate Countertops
  • Upgrades Cabinets to Knotty Alder (Change Order will be required and price determined at said time.)
  • Upgrades countertops to Solid surface – (Change Order will be required and price determined at said time.)  Extra – $1300.00

Exterior Veneer

  • Front Elevation (Brick/Stone and Stucco)
  • Sides and Rear – Vinyl –
  • Stucco Upgrade – $1800.00

Back Patio

  • 10′ x 10′ Concrete Patio
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Add a Master Bathroom In Utah

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Add a Master Bathroom Utah


If you own an older home and do not have the benefit of a master bathroom, but would really like to have one, there are several ways to achieve this dream. No one can promise that it will be inexpensive, but it the cost of it will depend on what method you choose and how elaborate you want to get.


The one obvious solution to adding a master bathroom that might be the easiest, but not necessarily the least expensive, is by adding a home addition. This can be the easiest because you are building an entirely new structure that can be laid out exactly as you like and there will be no tearing out and redesign involved, at least in the new space. This can be more expensive obviously because there will be all new building material involved and the cost of a contractor to build it, unless you are experienced enough to do it your self. Most of us are not.


Other ways to add a master bathroom to our home is to redesign some of the existing space in our home. This could involve connecting two bedrooms. If you go with this option, there will have to be plumbing installed and purchasing the new bathroom necessities like the bathtub, toilet, and sink. Of course, these purchases will have to be made no matter where you locate your new master bathroom.


Converting a garage, carport, or patio space can be places that could potentially be used for creating a master bathroom. Just use your imagination. You could also use an existing large bathroom in your home to connect to a bedroom to create a master suite. A smaller bathroom might be constructed in some other area of the home for children or guest. If you have more than one bathroom already, this might not even be necessary.


Will a little rearranging of a few walls, many good changes could be made for the better in your home. However, changing the floor plan in a home can be a little tricky. There could be structural elements involved that might be dangerous to the health of your home.


If you have any doubt about any structural changes you intend for a master bathroom or any other redesign, consult with a professional for advice. You do not want to start changing things that might not need to be changed. A professional contractor or home designer may give you some valuable tips to make your master bathroom project go smoother with less potential for mistakes.[1]


Priority Homes can help with all of your remodeling or new construction needs. Call 435-623-2382 for more information.

[1] http://articlemind.com/Ways-To-Add-A-Master-Bathroom-5237.html

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