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Have Us Build Your Home Under 169k

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Have Us Build Your Home Under 169k – In Nephi Utah

Have us build your new home in Nephi, Utah.  We have lots in the Hunters Meadow Subdivision, which currently we are partnering with Cliff View LLC.

This process is as easy as 1,2,3, and 4

1) Pick your own lot in the Hunters Meadow Subdivision

2) Choose from 7 house plan designs.  These homes begin at $160,000.00 and end at $180,000.00.

3) Get Your Own Construction Loan – Through our contact at Central Bank.  They are fast and effective and will treat you right.

4) Be directed to or choose your own long term loan company.  We recommend Central Bank or Wells Fargo bank, Far West Bank or UCCU.  We have contact in all 4 locations.

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Needing a Construction Loan To Build A Home?

Needing a Construction Loan To Build A Home?

Often times it is a very difficult thing to obtain a construction loan from a bank to build a new home.  Long term financing is much more easy, thus preventing a home from being built.  We in Utah offer a home where we take care of the construction loan for you.  If you want to build a home contact our office and we can help you get the home you wanted.

We can build any kind of home you are wanting… Contact us today at (435) 623-2382.





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Utah Homebuilders Process

Utah Homebuilders Process

1)      First Step is to choose a Houseplan

  1. Determine Square Footage
  2. Understand the standards of the home and what comes with each Priority House.
  3. Agree to any extras or upgrades
  4. Finalize price on home
  5. Sign Contracts


2)      Second step – Financing

  1. Provide approval letter or begin approval process for long term loan
  2. Provide statement on company letterhead to Priority Homes


3)      Priority Homes Gets Appraisal

  1. In-house we get house appraised and funding for construction loan through Our Bank
  2. With Priority Homes building the home – client save $5000 on loans and interest


4)      Construction Begins

  1. Construction Begins and House is started


5)      Choices are Made to the Home

  1. Exterior Choices
  2. Appliances
  3. Colors
  4. Lighting
  5. Paint
  6. Cabinets


6)      100-110 Days Building is complete

  1. From the time the hole is dug, 100-110 days the building is completed.


7)      Closing on Home

  1. Receive occupancy permit from City
  2. Get final cleaning completed
  3. Clients complete walk through
  4. Financial company closes long-term loan
  5. Home funds
  6. House is occupied


Utah Homebuilders Process


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