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Priorities Home Warranty

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1 Year Builders Warranty

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Warranty begins on actual date of closing and runs 1 year from that period.

This stands as notice of Priority Homes 1 Year Warranty. Priority Homes issues a 1 year builders warranty on all items within the home.

Procedure: Within 1 years time from closing Priority Homes can be contacted to address issues within your new home.

Contact us at (435) 623-2382 and speak directly to our assistant and provide her with any issues you may have about your home. Those issues will be logged in with her. Please avoid making contact any other method or way.

Priority Homes will then address the issues and make a specific appointment to have these items completed. Though these items will be completed in a timely manner, please understand that sometimes scheduling conflicts occur with the sub contractor.

Concrete driveways are not under warranty. As a builder we have performed using professional methods to safe guard against concrete flaking. Due to a high amount of salt composition of ice, these driveways when salted or when cars are left to dry off from road salt, the product is damaged. To prevent this damage, do not use ice salt on your driveway or park your car on the driveway during the winter months.

Natural settling – Please note that some form of natural settling will occur in the ground around the house. Please do not take off or modify drain pipes that we provide. Please ensure all water from roof and drains run away from the house. Do not force the water in the ground using pipe drains. For best use, allow the water to surface drain and percolate into the natural ground 10 feet away from the foundation.

Thanks for buying a Priority Home.


Priority Homes LLC