Fall And Winter – A Great Time to Build

Building in Winter – Yea You Can Do It

Despite what you may have heard….building in the Fall and Winter time, even in Utah is a good idea.       There are many of you who will read this and say, What?  I thought that was a not so good time to build… let us explain.

True – Building in the Winter requires the builder to prepare differently.  It requires them to respond to the frost, cold, snow and even wet weather that may occur.  But the real issue, is to prepare.  Building in the cold weather is as much part of building as building in the warm weather of Spring and summer.  Building requires preparation, that is the fact.

Winter morning

Winter morning (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Savings… Are their savings when building in the Winter?

Building in the Winter is a little more expensive, but can be offset when negotiating your estimates with your builders.  Be aware that the Winter time is a little slower, so there is room for movement.

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