Thanks to Our Sub Contractors – We are Growing!

logosamplesfinal1rev copyAs many of you are now well aware, we are currently building 8 homes.  This number of homes is the largest number of homes being built at one time in our business history. It is our intent to even enlarge this number.  In the years past all of you contractors have been good to us and we express our appreciation for that.  We hope to continue to have great success in the future.

As our numbers increase, we will be proactive in providing you the information quicker and easier so that you can provide us the numbers we need to push them along.
All of our properties are bank funded and are pre-sales.  This will also give you the comfort needed to move forward with us.  
We hope that you share our name with future home-owners, so we can build a successful team.
Thanks again for your business and relationship.

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