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Utah Basement Remodeling

A Daylight Basement.

A Daylight Basement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basement Remodeling


Remodeling your basement is the most cost-effective way to add square footage to your home, and add a potential lifetime income stream through rental. It has a good return on investment, but it isn’t cheap. A typical basement remodel will run you between $20-$25 per square ft, but this can very greatly depending on your needs, how much you can do yourself and which basement contractor you work with.

So how much does a basement remodel cost?

With proper planning and attention to detail, a remodeled basement can provide living space that’s every bit as attractive and welcoming as the rest of the house.

Typical costs:

  • Contractors’ estimates should include a number of basic factors such as moisture control. Insulation is also a must and it’s important to check for radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is common in some parts of the US.
  • For $500 -$5,000, Do-It-Yourselfers can waterproof the walls with a brush-on compound, then add carpeting, paneling, a dropped ceiling or other touches to make a basement into a more usable living area. Actual costs depend a great deal on what shape the basement is in at the start of the project, and whether the upgrades include such items as ground-level windows; improved lighting; a full- or half-bath; and a laundry area. The upper end of the price range includes hiring contractors to install proper ventilation, electrical wiring or plumbing.
  • Converting a basement into a reasonably comfortable and legal rental unit averages $30,000 -$50,000, according to
  • Nationwide, basement remodeling costs average $51,000 -$67,000 for a project which includes a 20×30-foot entertaining area with wet bar, a 5-x-8-foot full bath, 24 feet of partition to enclose a mechanical area, painted walls, ceilings and trim throughout, exterior insulation, doors and electrical wiring, according to 2006 annual cost vs. value report by RemodelingOnline.
  • A lot depends on how much is included and the quality of the final project. Remodeling Online says finishing basements in relatively new homes runs about $20 -$25 a square foot, or $30,000 -$50,000 for 1,500-2,000 square feet — but costs can start at $100,000 (and go up) to create a fully-finished space.

What should be included:

  • Finishing an unfinished basement is similar to building an addition or a new home, but generally the project is smaller and a lot less expensive. Waterproofing and insulation is key; the US Department of Energy gives a detailed overview complete with cost estimates for a range of options.
  • Local planning departments usually have specific regulations on ceiling height, access doors, radon ventilation, waterproofing and other details of the basement remodeling process. Many building codes now require upgrades such as residential fire sprinklers for new construction or major remodeling projects. Ask about local requirements and get all required permits (or make sure the contractor does this). Depending on the location, permit costs can be next to nothing or extremely expensive; find out exactly what they are and include them in the project’s budget.
  • Foundation walls and floors are almost never straight and plumb, which can make remodeling difficult. Companies such as Owens Corning and Basement Systems sell complete basement-finishing systems which many contractors use.

Shopping for basement remodeling:

  • Be clear about how the new space is going to be used and, if the basement is currently a storage area, where everything will go once the project is done. Better Homes & Gardens offers design ideas to keep in mind. For inspiration, provides a quick photo gallery of one basement’s sparkling transformation.
  • Contractor referrals are available through the National Association of Home Builders and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.
  • Get estimates from several companies; request and check references. Understand exactly what is (and isn’t) included in each estimate, and whether the contractor will do the paperwork for required building permits. Ask about the contractor’s length and type of experience, especially if there’s anything unusual about your project. Be sure a company is properly bonded and insured and licensed in your state. See if there are any complaints with the Better Business Bureau. [1]


Priority Homes is a premier Utah Builder and offers quality and competitive pricing for all your construction needs. Call 435-623-2382 today and see what we can offer you.


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At Priority Homes – We let You Choose

Utah Homebuilders

Image by SLV Native via Flickr

At Priority Homes – We let You Choose

Here is the color lost we use when we prepare your home.  We let you choose some the most basic items for your home.  We help guide you along and provide samples to ensure your home is just the way you want it.  Another reason to choose Priority Homes.

Call Today at (435) 623-2382 to learn more about our home choices in Santaquin and other Utah locations.  For your choice of Utah Homebuilders, choose Priority Homes.


Color Options:



Brick  / Rock Color – ___________________________________________

Stucco Color – ________________________________________________

Soffett and Fascia – _____________________________________________

Shingles – _____________________________________________________


 Interior :

Windows: _____________________________________________________

(White, Tan, Brown)

Paint (Main) ___________________________________________________

Paint (Base and Trim) ____________________________________________

Door Hardware _________________________________________________

(Brass, Nickel, Antique Nickel)

Carpet _________________________________________________________

Tile ____________________________________________________________

Cabinets ________________________________________________________

Counter tops _____________________________________________________

Utah Homebuilders


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Buy Homes in Central Utah

Buy Homes in Central Utah

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Buy Homes in Central Utah

Looking for a new home in Central, Utah?  How about a new home in Nephi, Mona or Levan?  Here at Priority Homes we are able to build, remodel or find you the home you are looking for.

Visit our website to learn more about what we offer:

Or Call Today at (435) 623-2382.



Buy Homes in Central Utah

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Office Space Available in CastleDale, Utah

Office Space Available in CastleDale, Utah

Office Space Available in CastleDale, Utah

Looking for Office Space or Retail Space – Lease or Rent Office Space Right Next Door to The Workforce Service Building.  Rent all or part of the 5000 Sq Ft.

Call Us Today for More Information.  Call (435) 623-0897>>

Address In CastleDale, Utah

550 West Highway 29, Castledale – Rent Space right next to The The Utah Workforce service Building.

Quality Nephi Home for under $160,000

Quality Nephi Home for under $160,000

If you are looking for a quality home under 165k, then you have come to the right place.  Priority Homes is providing a quality home for under 165k.

Their are several plans to choose from.. The best option is to call and set up appointment with us here in our office.  We can outline the building procedure, the lots that are available and many more details of the home.

<<Call Today at (435) 623-2382>>

Article of The Day

Building a House – Tips for New Construction

To build a house is a complex project that will require many subcontractors, suppliers and workers. The general construction of a building or its supervision needs adequate knowledge and skill. Another thing that is highly essential is technique known as tried- and- true. It is well known that home designing, planning and strategies and building of a home take much time and could be highly strenuous to you and your entire family in case you want to shoulder every responsibility on its general construction.

To make new home plans is quite a great work by itself. To supervise the general construction and relate with many people that are involved in the home constructions and building, is not an easy task.

A good plan for every step in building your home is the master key for the project to be successful. Make a good blueprint at the beginning of your building construction to enable you to oversee the project from your TV directly. You will be able to know the exact cost of the construction that will complete the building project.

In order to ease yourself from stress, you will need to sublet the project to an architect or builder as your contractor. In case you want to act as Owner Builder, that is you carry out the builder function by yourself, then you need to be extra ordinary careful so that the work load will not be too much for you.

There are some important things you need to know as an owner builder, which can equalize you to homebuilder. Such as what you can do to stop the technique of assembly line construction of your builder, this is in order not to be in the same level as the value and the workmanship that you will take.

Another thing you need to know is how to know the truth and how reliable your homebuilder is concerning the superiority value claim and the satisfaction of the customer.

Then, you need to have the knowledge of the way to stop the development of mold, which is very rampant in new houses. This is the strategy that is used by some home sellers in order to up-sell and make you waste thousands of dollars for nothing. You should know the effectiveness of your building attorneys in this general construction.

As your personal contractor, with all the above techniques, you should be able to save up to 40% of the home building costs which you ought to have given to outside contractors.

As a contractor, you should know the total cost of roofing, the cost of a house, the comfortability, and energy-efficiency. You should ensure that you make all these appear in black and white before laying your hands on any tools or instruments for construction. You should also know the amount you will spend to buy a piece of land and building a complete house.

With all these, you need to be well organized and be patient in order to build a successful home and make a good project. The necessary idea you must have in building a house is to go through the checklist of building a home to get the best idea for general construction of your home in order to have a good, perfect and excellent project.

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Why Priority Homes?

why priority


belmont image

With so many home builders to choose from we appreciate the opportunity to provide you an affordable, quality home. We pride ourselves in not only our workmanship, but the ease of the building process, allowing you to get exactly what you need.

Priority Homes have been building homes for over 15 years and have been in the construction building industry for over 40 years. We understand the materials, engineering and process of completing a quality home for you and your family.

After all, that is what we do. We provide affordable, quality homes for you and your family, the Priority Way!




Add a Master Bathroom In Utah

English: Sliding Pocket Door Opening to Master...

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Add a Master Bathroom Utah


If you own an older home and do not have the benefit of a master bathroom, but would really like to have one, there are several ways to achieve this dream. No one can promise that it will be inexpensive, but it the cost of it will depend on what method you choose and how elaborate you want to get.


The one obvious solution to adding a master bathroom that might be the easiest, but not necessarily the least expensive, is by adding a home addition. This can be the easiest because you are building an entirely new structure that can be laid out exactly as you like and there will be no tearing out and redesign involved, at least in the new space. This can be more expensive obviously because there will be all new building material involved and the cost of a contractor to build it, unless you are experienced enough to do it your self. Most of us are not.


Other ways to add a master bathroom to our home is to redesign some of the existing space in our home. This could involve connecting two bedrooms. If you go with this option, there will have to be plumbing installed and purchasing the new bathroom necessities like the bathtub, toilet, and sink. Of course, these purchases will have to be made no matter where you locate your new master bathroom.


Converting a garage, carport, or patio space can be places that could potentially be used for creating a master bathroom. Just use your imagination. You could also use an existing large bathroom in your home to connect to a bedroom to create a master suite. A smaller bathroom might be constructed in some other area of the home for children or guest. If you have more than one bathroom already, this might not even be necessary.


Will a little rearranging of a few walls, many good changes could be made for the better in your home. However, changing the floor plan in a home can be a little tricky. There could be structural elements involved that might be dangerous to the health of your home.


If you have any doubt about any structural changes you intend for a master bathroom or any other redesign, consult with a professional for advice. You do not want to start changing things that might not need to be changed. A professional contractor or home designer may give you some valuable tips to make your master bathroom project go smoother with less potential for mistakes.[1]


Priority Homes can help with all of your remodeling or new construction needs. Call 435-623-2382 for more information.


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The Benefits of Carpet In A New Utah Home

The Benefits of Carpet


Swatches of carpet of tufted construction

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First off carpet is not for everyone. Some people hate the cleaning that they have to go through when it comes to carpet, some may get sick of the color that it is, and it could bring down the value of your home or make it harder to sell if you have carpet installed, well it could, this is not the case every single time. But then again carpeting does have a lot of benefits and can also be considered up there when it comes to satisfying home improvements to decorate the interior of your home.


With that being said here is a quick fact for those that are living in the United States, is that carpeting is chosen 50% of the time for a homes flooring. That is above vinyl and above tile flooring, along with the other types of flooring that are out there. Now let me get into some of the advantages of having carpet in your home.


Carpet Is Insulated

First off carpet and padding can be considered a great insulator. That means that when you are heating or cooling your home, you will be able to do it more efficiently if you have padded carpet installed in that room, or better yet through out the entire home.


Carpet is Safer Than Tile

This is where the slip and falls will not happen is when you are on carpet, well the falls might but not so much the slipping. Tile can be dangerous when it comes to this, especially if you have a spill and you are walking around on some non slid resistant shoes, you are just asking for an accident, it is definitely better for toddlers too in my opinion as I have one of my own and she is always falling down hurting herself, thank god it is on the carpet though.


As stated above carpet makes for great insulation, this is good for trapping sound. If you notice when you are in a tiled home there will be a lot of echo when you are watching television or playing a movie on the big screen, this can be a problem for those that stay in apartments as you will more than likely always have neighbors. Carpeting is one way that you can help keep the sound trapped in your place and your place only.


The Disadvantages of Having Carpet in Your Home

It can be a pain in the butt to clean if you do not have a carpet steamer, or cannot afford to call out the carpet cleaners every couple of months. It is not really necessary to clean carpet that often though if proper care is taken, such as not letting anyone where there shoes inside of the home on the carpet. Shoes tend to cause wear and tear on a carpet really fast, unless you get a stronger type carpet like Bourber.


Also I have seen it happen many times, and pets such as dogs and cats can tear certain types of carpets to shreds with their claws. Although carpet is really not that difficult to patch if you have some carpet patching tape, it is still hard to do and not look like a patch.


All in all I favor carpet over tile, and especially vinyl flooring just about any day of the week for those reasons above. It’s mainly the pet thing that gets me about carpet though, if you have any advantages or disadvantages that you do or don’t like about carpet than please feel free to share them here.[1]


Priority Homes offers custom built homes to meet any and all your needs. Please call 435-623-0897 for more information.


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Utah Home Builders In Utah County

Utah Home Builders In Utah County

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Utah Home Builders In Utah County

If you are looking for a Utah home builder, you have come to the right place.  We specialize in taking care of you and your family.  Yes, it is true…. we are not the largest home building company in Utah, but we are the most customer oriented home builder in Utah.   Contact us today at (435) 623-2382 to learn more about what homes we offer and where we can build a new home for you.

Syracuse has various national and local home builders. You can search online for sale of new homes and new homing communities in Syracuse. Below you will find information about home builders and their homing communities in Syracuse.

Richmond American Homes – Richmond American is a national new home builder which has built units for 150,000 families across US. Richmond American Homes has two housing communities in Syracuse, Utah. Learn more about each Richmond American Homes community and their by visiting them online.

Ivory Homes – Ivory is a local city home builder catering to the demands of people of Syracuse, Utah. It has been building homes for forty years now. Ivory homes have three subdivisions in Syracuse which are named Fairmont estates, San Melia and Siena Vilaas. These houses range from $230,000 – $300,000. Learn more about the pricing, status, and location by visiting them online.

Benchmark Homes – Benchmark is another local home builder in Syracuse. They are known for their innovative designing at affordable prices. In Syracuse, Benchmark homes have over three communities with pricing starting from $230,000. They also provide “ready to move-in spec homes” at affordable prices. To get an insight into these new home communities visit them online.

KB Homes – KB is a national home builder building homes across US for the past fifty years. They are known for their dedicated designing. In Syracuse, KB homes have three new home communities. The pricing of this community start from $250,000. Visit KB homes online for more information about their floor plans, home pricing, new designs and subdivisions in Syracuse.

FieldStone Homes – FieldStone is a national home builder building homes across US for the last twenty years. In Syracuse, FieldStone homes “has ready to move-in” houses and three new homing communities. The pricing of homing communities lies in the range of $200-$350K. To know Location, features, and floor plans of these communities visit FieldStone online.

Silverstone Homes – Silverstone is a local home builder building communities in north Utah. Silverstone has a new community named, Wasatch Villas. The pricing of this community starts from $250,000. To know about upcoming communities and their locations and pricing by visiting Silverstone online.

Paul is a principal of NewHomesSection. Search Salt Lake home builders and new homes Salt Lake today!

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Article Source:



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Needing a Construction Loan To Build A Home?

Needing a Construction Loan To Build A Home?

Often times it is a very difficult thing to obtain a construction loan from a bank to build a new home.  Long term financing is much more easy, thus preventing a home from being built.  We in Utah offer a home where we take care of the construction loan for you.  If you want to build a home contact our office and we can help you get the home you wanted.

We can build any kind of home you are wanting… Contact us today at (435) 623-2382.





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