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At Priority Homes – We let You Choose

Utah Homebuilders

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At Priority Homes – We let You Choose

Here is the color lost we use when we prepare your home.  We let you choose some the most basic items for your home.  We help guide you along and provide samples to ensure your home is just the way you want it.  Another reason to choose Priority Homes.

Call Today at (435) 623-2382 to learn more about our home choices in Santaquin and other Utah locations.  For your choice of Utah Homebuilders, choose Priority Homes.


Color Options:



Brick  / Rock Color – ___________________________________________

Stucco Color – ________________________________________________

Soffett and Fascia – _____________________________________________

Shingles – _____________________________________________________


 Interior :

Windows: _____________________________________________________

(White, Tan, Brown)

Paint (Main) ___________________________________________________

Paint (Base and Trim) ____________________________________________

Door Hardware _________________________________________________

(Brass, Nickel, Antique Nickel)

Carpet _________________________________________________________

Tile ____________________________________________________________

Cabinets ________________________________________________________

Counter tops _____________________________________________________

Utah Homebuilders


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Home Builders in Lehi Utah

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Home Builders in Lehi Utah

Priority Homes can build you your perfect home in several communities.  We have lots in Santaquin, Nephi, Saratoga Springs, Salem, and more.  Contact us today at (435) 623-2382.  We have professionals standing by to make your custom home a realty.

Are you remodeling?  We can help you there too.  Whether you are remodeing a kitchen or a bathroom we can give you the detailed concern you deserve.


Home Builders in Lehi Utah

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Buy Homes in Central Utah

Buy Homes in Central Utah

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Buy Homes in Central Utah

Looking for a new home in Central, Utah?  How about a new home in Nephi, Mona or Levan?  Here at Priority Homes we are able to build, remodel or find you the home you are looking for.

Visit our website to learn more about what we offer:

Or Call Today at (435) 623-2382.



Buy Homes in Central Utah

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New Homes in Nephi – Near Red Cliff Elementary

New Homes in Nephi

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New Homes in Nephi

Live Only 30 Minutes From Provo – Homes …

1411 S 200 E
Nephi, UT 84648

Property Details:
Sq. Feet: 1400 ft.
Acres: 0.27
Year Built: 2011
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Cooling: Central Air
Heating: Forced Air
Garage: 2 Car
Priority Homes, Also known as Priority Land LLC, has been in the building business for over 10 years. We specialize in residential and commercial projects. Priority Homes is known for quality housing at a competitive price. Located in Nephi, Utah – Centrally located in the State of Utah, we are able to travel to all areas within the State of Utah. 

Currently, we are building homes in Nephi beginning at 170k. These homes are located in the Nephi in several locations throughout the city.

Contact us at 1-435-623-2382 for further questions or details.







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Office Space Available in CastleDale, Utah

Office Space Available in CastleDale, Utah

Office Space Available in CastleDale, Utah

Looking for Office Space or Retail Space – Lease or Rent Office Space Right Next Door to The Workforce Service Building.  Rent all or part of the 5000 Sq Ft.

Call Us Today for More Information.  Call (435) 623-0897>>

Address In CastleDale, Utah

550 West Highway 29, Castledale – Rent Space right next to The The Utah Workforce service Building.

Quality Nephi Home for under $160,000

Quality Nephi Home for under $160,000

If you are looking for a quality home under 165k, then you have come to the right place.  Priority Homes is providing a quality home for under 165k.

Their are several plans to choose from.. The best option is to call and set up appointment with us here in our office.  We can outline the building procedure, the lots that are available and many more details of the home.

<<Call Today at (435) 623-2382>>

Article of The Day

Building a House – Tips for New Construction

To build a house is a complex project that will require many subcontractors, suppliers and workers. The general construction of a building or its supervision needs adequate knowledge and skill. Another thing that is highly essential is technique known as tried- and- true. It is well known that home designing, planning and strategies and building of a home take much time and could be highly strenuous to you and your entire family in case you want to shoulder every responsibility on its general construction.

To make new home plans is quite a great work by itself. To supervise the general construction and relate with many people that are involved in the home constructions and building, is not an easy task.

A good plan for every step in building your home is the master key for the project to be successful. Make a good blueprint at the beginning of your building construction to enable you to oversee the project from your TV directly. You will be able to know the exact cost of the construction that will complete the building project.

In order to ease yourself from stress, you will need to sublet the project to an architect or builder as your contractor. In case you want to act as Owner Builder, that is you carry out the builder function by yourself, then you need to be extra ordinary careful so that the work load will not be too much for you.

There are some important things you need to know as an owner builder, which can equalize you to homebuilder. Such as what you can do to stop the technique of assembly line construction of your builder, this is in order not to be in the same level as the value and the workmanship that you will take.

Another thing you need to know is how to know the truth and how reliable your homebuilder is concerning the superiority value claim and the satisfaction of the customer.

Then, you need to have the knowledge of the way to stop the development of mold, which is very rampant in new houses. This is the strategy that is used by some home sellers in order to up-sell and make you waste thousands of dollars for nothing. You should know the effectiveness of your building attorneys in this general construction.

As your personal contractor, with all the above techniques, you should be able to save up to 40% of the home building costs which you ought to have given to outside contractors.

As a contractor, you should know the total cost of roofing, the cost of a house, the comfortability, and energy-efficiency. You should ensure that you make all these appear in black and white before laying your hands on any tools or instruments for construction. You should also know the amount you will spend to buy a piece of land and building a complete house.

With all these, you need to be well organized and be patient in order to build a successful home and make a good project. The necessary idea you must have in building a house is to go through the checklist of building a home to get the best idea for general construction of your home in order to have a good, perfect and excellent project.

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Priority Land Specializes In Manufactured Home Foundations

Priority Homes LLC – 435-660-1865 or call the Office at 435-623-2382

You simply pick out your home and let us prepare the site for you.  We prepare the following:

  • Scrub Property for Home
  • Dig Footings either for a basement or for slab location
  • Pour Footings and foundation with quality concrete.
  • We can prepare the plumbing for the site, either hooking the sewer to existing utilities or developing a septic system design for your home.
  • We run the water to your home and all other utilities that are needed.
  • We back fill the home to final grade

All of this is done with one phone call.  Let us “turn key” your site today.  Give us a call at (435) 660-1865 and we will get you a quote within 24 hours.

Have you always wanted a home, but have held off due to the cost? Many people have the same concerns. Most adults have the goal of owning their own home, but cannot find the time or the money to buy the home that fits their needs. A modular home can be your dream home, without the difficulty of constructing it yourself. A great advantage is that modular homes can be built in far less time than other homes. This article will answer some basic questions about the ever-expanding world of modular homes.

How are they constructed?

Modular homes are factory-made, not constructed on-site. After constructing each section of the home individually, it then receives a comprehensive inspection to make sure that the home is up to building codes. You can be reassured that high quality and durable materials are consistently used. Modular homes are, however, very similar to traditionally constructed homes.

About how much do they cost?

The floor plan you choose will dictate the ultimate cost of your modular home. You can choose a plan that is custom-made to fill your unique desires. Of course, the larger the home, the larger the price tag. In addition to the speed at which modular homes can be built, they are typically less expensive per square foot than homes which are built in the traditional way. A modular home can be constructed in just two months.

Does the cost of the home include the cost of the foundation?

The price of the foundations is not covered by most manufacturers of modular homes. The cost can be included in your loan or it can be paid for from your own funds. In order to reduce upfront costs, the majority of people choose to get financing for the total price. It is important to know all the details of the coverage, including what is and isn’t covered, so make sure you contact the manufacturer.

Can modular homes be built to specification and are they energy efficient?

One wonderful feature of modular homes is that they are all constructed to meet HUD guidelines. Each part of the home is inspected for quality and is required to pass the standards of building specification inspectors. Modular homes are more efficient, in many ways, than are traditional homes.

Retired contractor, Bo Von Brockdorff has assisted many couples in finding the California manufactured homes of their dreams. Bo recommends Village Concepts to anyone looking for Amador County modular home.
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Wood Framing Utah

Wood Framing Utah

Image by MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina via Flickr

Wood Framing Utah

Wood Frame Layout For Multi-Wall Polycarbonate: Prepare a drawing of the greenhouse you are planning. Framing of the longer walls of a greenhouse (called sidewalls on freestanding and front walls on attached greenhouses) are typically set with an on-center measurement of 24 1/8″, for intermediate studs and rafters. The first and last framing member measurement should be 23 1/4″ on-center. This will align the outside edges of the first and last sheets with the outside edges of the first and last rafters (See drawings below and details on next few pages). If these measurements are used, framing will easily accommodate standard size polycarbonate sheets, without cutting sheets to width. Always plan for 1/2″-1″ of sheet edge bearing on framing.

The shorter walls of a greenhouse are typically the end walls. Custom cutting is required for roof slope, doors, windows and ventilation equipment. Adhering to frame on center measurements, as described above, may eliminate cutting of sheet width. When laying out end wall framing, try to get the most you can out of a sheet. Cut offs can be used to go over doors or utilized on other projects such as cold frames.

At ends of roof and wall, you may want to double up the framing. This provides extra wall corner strength and double rafters act as top plates for end wall framing. Framing around a door or window can also be double. Follow standard framing techniques for the best results.

Wood Framing Utah

Highly recommended: Seal high moisture areas of frame with satin or flat marine grade spar or exterior varnish. Finish protects moisture prone areas (top & bottom plate and where poly carb. in contact with wood). This decreases likelihood of wood rot and eliminates wood discoloration. Expanding & contracting poly carb. moves on surface. After fully dry gently sand surface facing poly carb., decreasing movement noise. Semi & gloss paint are high friction finishes, noise may result. If painting frame use flat paint on surfaces facing polycarbonate. Stains may react with poly carb. If staining frame use spar or exterior varnish is final finish layer. Let dry & gently sand surface facing poly. Visit the Woodworking Plans Website pages for more woodworking articles.

This author writes about Woodworking 4 Home Plans and Woodworking Plans and Ideas.Visit the Woodworking4Home Review website and get 14000 woodworking plans.
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Have Us Build Your Home Under 169k

Localización de Nephi, Utah
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Have Us Build Your Home Under 169k – In Nephi Utah

Have us build your new home in Nephi, Utah.  We have lots in the Hunters Meadow Subdivision, which currently we are partnering with Cliff View LLC.

This process is as easy as 1,2,3, and 4

1) Pick your own lot in the Hunters Meadow Subdivision

2) Choose from 7 house plan designs.  These homes begin at $160,000.00 and end at $180,000.00.

3) Get Your Own Construction Loan – Through our contact at Central Bank.  They are fast and effective and will treat you right.

4) Be directed to or choose your own long term loan company.  We recommend Central Bank or Wells Fargo bank, Far West Bank or UCCU.  We have contact in all 4 locations.

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